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Founded by the Executive Director of I Am Me Inc/Peirrce M.

A Woman's Social Enterprise!!  Our mission is to build an empowerment network for bonding, self development, business support and socialization for women of all races, identities and orientations.  


Women’s empowerment is important for the development of self identity and purpose.  Self Actualized women are the best contributors to family life and society as a whole.  We've created life altering social movements such as the Suffrage Movement and Women’s Liberation resulting in voters rights, the ability to hold political office, obtain education, gain employment, open businesses, financial rights and access to birth control.  Today’s women are more accomplished thanks to the trailblazers proceeding us; we account for 39.1% of college graduates (, 19.9% of business owners (Census Bureau) and 67% of investors (cnbc).  It’s time to share our wisdom!!  Let’s encourage our sisters to remove the barriers standing in their way and raise the number of successful women!!  Help us!!  

Become a Speaker at our events...

Your Worth It

Unlock Your Potential


We Host Woman's Empowerment Brunches featuring Local Female Entrepreneurs ...

Why Should You Attend?

-Being Apart of a Sisterhood

-Gaining Entrepreneurial Information

-Learning more about Local Female Small Businesses

-Get Your Small Business Questions Answered

-Walk Away with Our Business Start-Up Packet

We also offer membership packages!!


Learn More About HOP the Series

The HOP journey starts with a Women’s Empowerment series entitled, “HOP!!” Hosted by Women Entrepeneurs discussing female topics providing real solutions.  Show airs Monday's at 7:15p

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Attend Our Womens Networking Brunch

Unlocking the Entrepreneur in You

Our Networking Brunch is H. O. P.'s signature womens empowerment event featuring dynamic Female Business Owners and Trailblazers sharing their expertise.  This event is hosted by April Anderson and Morgan Harvey from Hop the Series!!  Come out and meet the Board, enjoy amazing cocktails with Hors-d'oeuvre's are served and build your network.  The information received  will help you began your journey into entrepreneurship.  Discounts and Free Entry for Members Only!!

Membership Information....

Become A Speaker

Register to Impact, Encourage and Inspire other women!!  Paid Opportunities with H. O. P. !!  We are currently seeking Dynamic Women to share inspiring life or professional experience at our events.  Is that you?  Please register for details...

Which days are you available?

10% of Membership Fees an addition to a percentage of event earnings help to fund our Woman's Empowerment Grant


Learn More About the Empowerment Grant


Sometimes, we align ourselves with our traumas, terrible role models and negative life experiences.  Queen, it's time to assess, heal, change and re-align yourself with your true identity.  Place Yourself  in A Different Room!!  At H. O. P. you'll get the opportunity to meet goal oriented women with fresh ideas and information to help you grow!!  Come out to one of our events!!

The Science of Women's Leadership

It's about time to value young women of color in leadership


More Women Will Be Added...

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