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What is H.O.P.?

A Woman's Social Enterprise!!  Our mission is to build an empowerment network for bonding, self development, business support and socialization for women of all races, identities and orientations.  

Women’s empowerment is important for the development of self identity and purpose.  Self Actualized women are the best contributors to family life and society as a whole.  We've created life altering social movements such as the Suffrage Movement and Women’s Liberation resulting in voters rights, the ability to hold political office, obtain education, gain employment, open businesses, financial rights and access to birth control.  Today’s women are more accomplished thanks to the trailblazers proceeding us; we account for 39.1% of college graduates (, 19.9% of business owners (Census Bureau) and 67% of investors (cnbc).  It’s time to share our wisdom!!  Let’s encourage our sisters to remove the barriers standing in their way and raise the number of successful women!!  Help us!!  

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H.O.P. The Series

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H.O.P. The Series (hosted by April Anderson and Morgan Harvey) features female entrepreneurs from all over the world sharing insight on business start-ups and sustainability in addition to offering advice to inspiring entrepreneurs.  Subscribe to our you-tube channel to watch the show airing Tuesdays at 7:15pm est.

Get Inspired

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Need Inspiration? It's easily found in the life of successful entrepreneurs.  Check out the clips below and feel free to leave comments...