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H.O.P. is a women's non-profit founded by the Executive Director of I Am Me Inc., Peirrce Mccoy. Our mission is to build an empowerment network for bonding, self development, business support and socialization for women of all races, identities and orientations.  


Why H.O.P.? 

Sisterhood!!  It's time for women to support women in tangible ways.  Our goal is to have six women lead work shops per year hosted by dynamic public leaders or professionals to educate and inspire. Our other engaging events are designed for socialization and open dialogue.  Each gathering will be upscale and/or formal located in the following states NJ, DE, PA, Maryland and Washington, DC.  

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Inclusivity is Important to Us!! 


We are proud to announce H. O. P. is an inclusive organization meaning both heterosexual and homosexual woman are welcome.  We have a zero toleration for Homophobes and Transphobes. 

How can I get Involved?

There are two ways to be involved in H. O. P. Events through non-membership or membership.  Non-members will pay per public event.  Members will have access to both public and private events included in monthly rate depending on your membership selection.  Members are also eligible for our yearly Empowerment Grant the minimum amount is $100. (Grant is 10% of Total Membership Fees for the Year.)   There is also a package designated for Business Owners called the Elite.

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"Women can and will change the world!!  I believe it!!  We need to organize!!"

                                          -Peirrce M.-

Meet the Board

The H.O.P Board is still being selected.  If you're interested please email, for details.  Please include a short Bio and contact information. 

Schedule Time to Meet with the Executive Director

Would you like to network with H.O.P.?  Got an idea?  Schedule time to chat with the Executive Director...


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